Topic 3 Social & cultural learning in Portugal: traditions, local values, linguistic specificities

  • Pay is usually expressed on a monthly basis. Remember that in regular work contracts in Portugal, you are paid for 14 months per year (i.e., including paid holiday and Christmas bonuses, usually paid in May/June and November/ December respectively).
  • People are used to greeting each other with two kisses, namely if one of the persons is a woman. This can also apply, in some workplace, to professional situations. Two men will greet each other with a handshake.
  • In Portugal, “you” is not often used when addressing someone we don’t know very well, or a superior. In these cases, we tend to use the person’s name and position/qualification – Ex: “Is it ok, Dr. Mário?”, “Do you agree, Prof. Maria?”
  • Small-talk is quite common in the workplace. People tend to share personal information, such as showing pictures of their weekend trips or of their children. However, this is not intended to be intrusive.
  • Family plays an important role in daily life. So, it is also common that your Portuguese colleagues have routines with their direct relatives such as their kids, but also with their parents and in-laws, uncles, cousins, etc.!
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consult the WELCOME GUIDE – Portugal Incoming available here: welcome-guide_eng.pdf (

In Portugal, you can find a wide range of language courses. Some of them are free:

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