Topic 3 Social & cultural learning in Lithuania: traditions, local values, linguistic specificities

Understanding the local culture helps to make connections in a new country, find and keep a job and generally feel integrated in the community. 

  • The national language of Lithuania is Lithuanian, but you can easily communicate in English and Russian.
  • 78.5% of all Lithuanians speak one or more foreign languages in addition to their mother tongue.
  • The country’s ethnic composition is 83.7% Lithuanian, with a significant percentage of Poles and Russians – 6.6% and 5.3%.
  • Since 2014, the euro has been the country’s national currency.
  • Lithuania’s transformation from a Soviet-occupied country to an independent Baltic state has been marked by various cultural changes.
  • 79% of Lithuanians identify themselves as Catholics, 4.1% as Orthodox (according to data from the Department of Statistics in 2011).
  • Lithuania’s internet connection is ranked among the world’s fastest. Internet in Lithuania is cheap, reliable, fast and available nationwide.
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Lithuanian traditions and values

  • One of the most popular traditional dishes in Lithuanian cuisine during the summer is cold beetroot soup (ln lithuanian called Šaltibarščiai). During the winter, one of the most delicious dish is big dumplings made of potato dough and minced meat (ln lithuanian called Cepelinai).
  • Lithuanians call basketball their second religion and tend to express their passion loudly and proudly.
  • Lithuanians are proud of their language, which is one of the oldest languages in the world, the fact that it is related to Sanskrit is proof enough.
  • In Lithuanian „hello” is „labas”, „thank you” is “ačiū”.
  • Don’t kiss a person when greeting them if you don’t know them well. In Lithuania, it is more common to shake hands first.
  • Always bring an odd number of flowers to your date. Even numbers of flowers are only suitable for funerals.
  • If you were well served, leave tips. It is common practice to give at least 10% of the total amount.
  • Don’t get into a waiting taxi. If you call one on your phone or use an online app, it will take you to your destination for a lower price.
  • The law prohibits the consumption of alcohol in parks, squares and other public places, as well as smoking in cafes, restaurants, halls and public transport, except in designated smoking areas, and littering from car windows or in public places.

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