Topic 3 Public Speaking

Success in every field requires a strong public speaking foundation. Sadly, society doesn’t do enough to educate people on how to develop and cultivate this skill. When it’s time to take the stage, many professionals feel unprepared as a result of this.

You can use this 5 techniques to improve your public speaking skills:

  1. Know your audience, the first tip to improve your confidence in public speaking is to get to know who your audience is and understand the frame and background of each communication. This will assist you in choosing the language you will use, the level of detail you will include, and the structure of the speech.
  2. Work from an outline, be prepared and put together an outline and specific topics that you nee so that you can put your statement and/or your presentation out.
  3. Tell a story, even a short one. Regarding your outline, tell a personal story that may relate to your point that you are trying to point out. Recalling a familiar circumstance builds trust with the audience and, as a result, results in a more successful presentation.
  4. Use inclusive language, use language that everyone can understands and present topics in a common language.
  5. Prepare for questions, you have to know your subject that you address and be able to answer any question with confidence.

The most important elements of communication and public speaking

  • Words – 7% importance
  • Way and tone of voice – 38% importance
  • Body language – 55% importance

Pay attention to your body language and tone of voice. Although the words you choose matter, your body language and tone of voice are also crucial and necessary to keep your audience engaged, inspired and not bored.

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