Topic 3 Local success story of women TCN- presentation, discussion

  • Sharing the success stories of the women TCNs could help the institutions to respond and guide more accurately the newcomers and, on the other hand, can help the TCNs women to act as ambassadors guiding and providing information, as well as sharing their experiences to peers. Furthermore, the spread of their stories will contribute to changing the perception of European institutions and societies about migration and to give a voice to women TCNs.

There are several success stories of TCNs individuals worth mentioning – women who have been prominent in several labour related stories.

  1. Linguistic barrier.
  2. Funding opportunities.
  3. The lack of legal support and means of information.
  4. Stereotyping / discrimination
  5. The lack of knowledge concerning the rights of the refugees here in Romania.
  6. The lack of training for employees about the legal rights of international locals.
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Some advices and recommendations from women TCNs that can be helpful for all other women and migrants:

The most helpful strategy to integrate into the Romanian society is to read about it and to reach the community as mush as you can, to practice the language and to be always strong, to believe that everything is accomplished through hard working and time management. Moreover, the integration into the Romanian society through social media and Romanian work applications and trainings are very helpful for language practice – all what you should do is to take a step forward and be brave. Also, it is very important and useful to share experiences between migrants and to discuss the problems of residency, insurance, and so on.

Encouraging women to study, to integrate, to be brave, to lead the small community of her family and the large community of her work and education, to help any other migrants through experience sharing, to practice your hobbies, to do exercises and participate in trainings. If you are scared to start, I advise every women to start by reading in order to acquire the knowledge needed and to integrate into the TCNs societies to learn and take first steps from other women and listen to their experiences regarding the integration into Romanian communities and labour market.

Keep in touch with other TCN women who can be supportive and a role model. Participate in trainings and translate (at the beginning) every single word to enrich the vocabulary. Every successful story is accomplished after years of challenges and barriers, but you will always choose to stand up, keep going, try and not to give up.

  • In Romania there are NGOs focused on providing support and services to foreign citizens, but also foreigners’ associations, which are cultural, professional, business, and human rights organizations. You can resort to them if you have a problem or if you want to help them in their activities.
  • One of the most important NGOs for migrants and refugees is: Romanian National Council for Refugees, Bucharest, 42 Mântuleasa Street, 3rd, floor, apt. 10, sect. 2, România, Tel/ fax: 021312.62.10; 031405.02.75. E-mail:,
  • Other NGOs specializing in providing assistance and integration support to foreigners in Romania can be found here, pages 125-140.