Topic 3 Local success story of woman TCN – presentation, discussion

Local success story

Amina Ait Moussa Yamina. 63 years old.

Spain, 2022

“My name is Amina, I am sixty-three years old, I am from Rabat, the capital of Morocco. I came with my husband, from Rabat, first we were living in Germany, my husband worked a lot, I did not stop crying, I did not adapt to Germany, in the end we decided to go to Spain, specifically to Valencia, it was 1988. We stayed in a hotel for a month, then my husband got a job in the street markets, and I, thanks to the nuns, got a job as a caregiver for an elderly sick person, the wife of the sick man knew French and we communicated in this language, because I arrived in Spain without knowing any Spanish. I was lucky and this lady gave me a pre-contract to regularize my situation…”.

“With the money I had saved, I rented this place, with the intention first to open it as a coffee-tea shop, I put all my savings to pay for the catering license, I did not have a penny left, then I asked a friend for money, who lent me 50,000 of the old pesetas, which is equivalent to 300 euros. I started with these 300 euros, I bought the basics, tea, coffee, flour, basic ingredients to prepare Moroccan sweets”.

I have been an entrepreneur since 1995, I own a restaurant that works very well, it is successful with both Spaniards and Europeans. A woman can be an entrepreneur, even if she is from a non-EU country, with a lot of effort but always with the will to never give up on her dreams.

Photo from: City Council archives