Topic 3 Local success story of woman TCN – presentation, discussion

“The journey of my book “MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY”

Jane is Dutch, but she is originally from Nigeria. She moved to the Netherlands for her marriage, and she has lived there for 24 years. Jane was able to land a decent office job because she had a Dutch diploma in administrative tasks and a Higher National Diploma in Secretarial Administration. Despite her advanced Dutch proficiency, she was unable to fulfill her desire to work in an administrative capacity. She has held volunteer positions in numerous organizations. She decided to write inspirational success books to inspire others who might be in a similar situation and also to generate additional income for her own well-being after encountering a number of obstacles and rejections during her job search.

She had to deal with extreme weather and climate change, as well as language barriers, but she also had to learn new ways of living, the Dutch way of life, and how to fit into society. None of this was easy for her.

Jane sees herself as a role model for other women and encourages women to keep pushing through any obstacle they may encounter. She takes part in the activities at her church.

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Reflection - Let’s discuss!

Do you have any challenges to share with us? Your experience will guide and motivate other women TCNs out there!

“I will say that my determination to never give up and the realization that I have a destiny to fulfill were the driving forces behind my deep examination of myself to identify my gifts and talents, which led to the awakening of my writing and communication skills.”

(Jane O. Ekpuze)

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