Topic 3 Local success story of woman TCN – presentation, discussion

A success story is a narrative that shows how a certain action, intervention, or procedure had an effect on things in such a way as to permanently alter the situation.

A success story stokes the desire to investigate procedures, put ideas into practice, and look for new opportunities.

Sharing Success Stories is so crucial because:

  • It draws attention to what is effective.
  • It prompts behavior to go in the desired direction.
  • It aids in the process of unlearning ineffective, outmoded, and restricting behaviors.
  • It encourages people to share good practices that they may have previously considered to be merely “not worthy of sharing.“
  • It encourages people and groups to keep pushing the envelope.

In the context of ENFEM activities, we had the opportunity to meet Tatiana. Tatiana is one of the thousands of cases of women from Third Countries who chose Greece for a better life. Starting from scratch and overcoming numerous obstacles, she managed over the years to create her own successful business.

Are you ready to find out how she did it?