Topic 3 Local success story of woman TCN

“Try to find out the key to turning your obstacles into your strength points”

Mariella comes from Cape Verde Islands and she lived there till she was 18, then she moved to Italy for economic issues. She has lived in Italy for 15 years now. She is based In Palermo (Sicily) but unfortunately, she didn’t find any support in terms of integration in the labour market or at the education level.

Specifically, regarding the labour market, the main difficulties she faced were – besides being a woman and migrant – the lack of knowledge of my rights as a worker, the gap in salaries, absence of social support from the institutions.

Today she works as a freelance in a cleaning company, so it allows her to be more independent in terms of managing the work and feel more confident in her skills. At first, to reach this goal she engaged a lot in her language skills and she studied Italian on her own; then she collected all the information on the Italian labour market – most regarding the bureaucracy to deal with.

The knowledge about administrative matters is the main point for migrants since it is through the institutions and their work at the social level that we, as migrants, could improve our expertise and skills.

Discussion - Reflection

In your opinion what are the biggest challenges that a TCN has to face in Italy to enter the labour market?

Image by Mediamodifier from Pixabay