Topic 2 Ways of finding a job in the country

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Finding employment

As previously stated, the legal framework for employment differs significantly depending on the legal status of a person who is not a Cypriot citizen and wishes to work in the country.

Recognised refugees and people with subsidiary protection status enjoy the same benefits as Cypriot (and EU) citizens with regards to the type of work they are allowed to do.

Asylum seekers are allowed to work in a limited number of sectors and fields (please see Unit 1 Topic 2), and they can begin working one month after submitting their asylum application. Asylum seekers should register immediately after one month has passed with their local Labour Office and apply for a work permit. The Labour Department provides job referrals to asylum seekers, usually in a form along with the details of potential employers. Applicants are required to contact them directly, and the employer is expected to provide a written report on the outcome of the meeting.

Asylum seekers must sign a contract provided by the Employer. The employer will need to submit the contract as well as other documents at the Labour Office and wait for approval. When the employer receives confirmation of approval, he/she needs to inform the employee. Asylum seekers are advised to read their contract carefully and keep a copy always. Beginning work before the approval by the Labour Office, is not permitted.

Below, we present some platforms and other ways of looking for a job in Cyprus.

EURES is a cooperation network formed by public employment services. It is an agency of the EU set up to facilitate employment mobility among the member states and it maintains a database of jobs as a useful means to search and apply for jobs in the EU, EEA and Switzerland.

EURES allows you to set up your own profile online and then begin your job search! You can register for free here and then go ahead and select “Cyprus” to look for job positions in the country.

  • HelpRefugeesWork is a free, innovative online platform that brings motivated refugee job-seekers in contact with employers and training providers in Cyprus.
  • HelpRefugeesWork team is working on the following levels:
    • Engaging Employers and Training providers to offer and post opportunities for refugees
    • Organising employability events (JobFair2019, Open Job days)
    • Raising awareness in employers community and other labour market actors, in order to increase interest in hiring refugees.
    • Networking with state and non-state labour market stakeholders
  • The HRW Platform is an initiative of UNHCR Cyprus in collaboration with the Cyprus Refugee Council
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Can I register at the

  • The HelpRefugeesWork platform is only for persons who have refugee status or subsidiary protection in the Republic of Cyprus.
  • It is not possible to register if you reside in Cyprus as an asylum-seeker, or under any other status, for example, EU citizenship, working visa, student visa or tourist visa.
  • It is not possible to register if you have refugee status or other form of protection granted in another country.
  • If you are an asylum seeker, you can complete your contact details and information on your educational and professional background, on this online form:
  • When language or vocational training opportunities as well as job opportunities open for asylum seekers, we communicate the information to people registered at this online form.
  • Ergodotisi is the most popular job search engine in Cyprus
  • It is available in Greek and in English
  • You can add different filters to search for a job, like the city you are based in, the field of job you want or if you want to search for a part-time or a full-time job
  • You do not have to register, you can access the job positions freely and then use the contact email in each job post to send your CV or anything else that is requested