Topic 2 Ways of finding a job in the country

In this topic we will learn about the different ways in which you can find a job in Spain. We will identify the public services but also some initiatives of organisations and foundations that will help us to improve our employment situation.

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Public services

In terms of public services, there are various programmes and projects that will help us to find employment in Spain. Some of the most important institutions are:

LABORA is the Valencian Employment and Training Service or LABORA is an autonomous body of the Generalitat Valenciana. LABORA has an employment guidance office known as Espai Labora. This office offers a range of services:

  • Employability improvement service
  • Career development
  • Entering into the labour market

LABORA can attend to you through its offices in Valencia and also through the Internet:


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The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) is an autonomous body attached to the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy. The SEPE, together with the Public Employment Services of the Autonomous Communities, make up the National Employment System.

It also has the following services:

  • A citizen helpline (91 273 83 83). Provincial telephone numbers are also available.
  • A telephone service to request an appointment (91 273 83 84).
  • A website,, which provides access to benefits and employment services, as well as a range of information.


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Promoting employment and improving employability is one of the basic pillars of the policies that Quart de Poblet Town Council has been developing for years and which have been reinforced in the current situation due to the health crisis. The town council has a Development and Employment Centre. This centre acts as an observatory of Local Employment, carrying out studies and diagnoses of the situation and needs of citizens in terms of employment and training, the needs of companies and the territory and its agents. The services offered by the Centre are:

  • Employment Brokerage
  • Self-employment
  • Insertion
  • Training
  • Guidance

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Territorial organisations and foundations:

In the province of Valencia, and specifically in Quart de Poblet, there are organisations and foundations that will help us to look for employment, to orientate us and/or to train us so that we have a better profile and adapt to the labour market. The main organisations present in the territory are:

  • Nova Feina Foundation
  • Nova Terra Foundation
  • Acción Laboral
  • Cáritas
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