Topic 2 Ways of finding a job in Romania and tips on job application

Discover the best ways to find a job in Romania:

  • One of the most common ways to get a job in Romanian is by signing up with a recruitment agency or company. For any candidate looking for or relocate for a job, recruitments agencies have been the most efficient way to do so.
  • The recruitment agencies also provide an online register process and application via your email. Your profile will be based on your CV, professional skills and your desired job position(s) and salary.
  • The recruiters will work hard to find the suitable and perfect opportunity for you based on your profile, and emails from them will be sent to you with appropriate job offers.
  • Recruitment agencies are always looking for multilingual, professionally excellent and skilled candidates to move to Romania to work in a variety of sectors and languages.

You can find various workforce recruitment agencies’ website:

Tips on job application: ejobs

Find online:

  • By using multilingual job boards websites (like Europe Language Jobs) you open the door to numerous opportunities all over Europe in different languages. There is a chance to filter by the language you want to work in and to discover the wide range of interesting opportunities waiting for you in Romania in a variety of sectors. There are many advantages of using a job board and it is one of the best ways to find a job in Romania.
  • You can actively search for the exact same jobs and languages that you want, and you can also make your profile visible for other employers to see too.

Find online:

  • Networking at professional and career-related events is a great key job search technique that is recommended to everyone in Romania.
  • Networking helps you to discover and gain key career-related skills and requirements: you will develop better communicational skills and great experience about recruiting companies when networking with their professionals.
  • Through networking, you will never know with whom you are going to speak and what information or connections they have, so keep an eye open for related networking events and see who and what is waiting for you in Romania to grow up your business and explore your interests.
  • One of the most used websites in Romania is MEETUP:

  • Nowadays, social media have become one of the greatest ways to find a job and it’s (probably) the best source for discovering job opportunities and hiring companies.
  • Posting job opportunities and offers across social media applications and channels has become a popular recruitment technique for companies and recruiters, so make sure you join the right groups and pages to make most of your social media job search and networking.
  • Also, you can post your profile and job offer you need, and you will be answered by the recruiters.
  • Here are some of recommended social media websites for your Romania job search: Jobs in Romania , Expats in Romania & Arabs in Romania