Topic 2 Preparation & development of your business

In order to start up our company, it is necessary to follow a series of previous procedures. These procedures will be carried out in different institutions, depending on the activity to which we want to dedicate ourselves.

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Registration in the Census of Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Withholding Agents

Form  available here

Census declaration of commencement, modification or cessation of activity to be filed for tax purposes by sole proprietors, professionals and companies.

Tax Agency (AEAT)

Tax on Business Activities

Form available here

It is a tax derived from the exercise of business, professional or artistic activities.

Tax Agency (AEAT)

Registration in the special regime for self-employed workers (RETA). 

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Regime regulating social security contributions for self-employed workers (sole proprietors), joint owners and partners and administrators of certain companies

General Treasury of the Social Security

Registration of partners and administrators in Social Security systems

The registration in the Social Security regime that corresponds in each case will be conditioned to the type of company and/or the participation in the capital stock.

General Treasury of the Social Security

Legalization of the Minute Book, the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Registered Shares and the Register of Contracts between the sole shareholder and the company.

Current legislation obliges commercial companies to keep registry books (of minutes, partners or shares) and to file them annually with the Provincial Mercantile Registry.

Commercial Registry of Valencia

Legalization of the Journal and the Inventory and Annual Accounts Book.

All entrepreneurs who keep their accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Commercial Code must prepare the following accounting documents: a Journal and an Inventory and Annual Accounts Book.

Commercial Registry of Valencia

Electronic certificate

The electronic certificate makes it possible to sign electronic documents and unequivocally identify the owner of the signature.

Certification Authorities (Tax Agency, City Councils, FNMT, etc.)


Business license

Installation and construction licenses, activity licenses and operating licenses.

City Councils

Registration in other official agencies and/or registries

Depending on the activity carried out, the start of the activity must be communicated to those administrations, authorities and/or registries

Other official agencies and/or registries


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