Topic 2 Preparation and development of your business

Four basic steps before starting a new business

Adoptation from: Investicijos ir finansai (2022). Apie verslo pradžią nuo A iki Z. Sužinokite kaip sukurti savo verslą nuo nulio. Retrieved from:

Different funding opportunities

There are many funding and support programmes both for start-ups and for established enterprises at international and national levels. This support appears in two forms:

  • Financial support – it can be grants, loans, etc.
  • Non-financial assistance – in a form of programmes and support services.

Useful finance tool to search for funding opportunities in national countries for all types of companies of any size and sector including entrepreneurs, start-ups, micro companies, small and medium-sized enterprises, and larger businesses: Access to EU Finance. Website:

This website also helps to apply for loans supported by the EU. User of this tool can see what is the investment focus – on an early stage of business or expansion and growth.

Financial support for business in Lithuania:

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