Topic 2 La Marche de l’Emploi – the walk for employment

The French state’s job center Pole Emploi in the town of Besançon has put in place an innovative initiative combining sports and socio-professional insertion for migrant women.

  • Individual interviews
  • Work, among other things, on socio-cultural obstacles in the search for employment
  • Partnership development with associations, communities, institutions and local businesses
  • Recommendations from partner structures, colleagues, certain associations
  • The implementation of specific workshops (knowing the socio-cultural codes in companies, the labour market, what to do in case of delay at work or absence, how to look for a job in France…).

One of the counsellors of the local Pole Emploi, Virginie Bloch, also organised  “The Walk for Employment”, a 10km walk to go and meet with the group of migrant women a selection of companies who opened their doors for them, to exchange with the PDGs /responsibles and the employees.

  • Better understand the functioning of French companies, their internal organization, present the positions and the skills required, the procedures for applying for a job.
  • Make the business world accessible to job seekers
  • Make this audience known to employers
  • Allow women to understand business life and help them define their professional project by encouraging vocation (working with the elderly, for example)


Do you think these types of initiatives could be implemented in Martinique? Are there any other initiatives that could be put in place that come to your mind? Which instances could be integrated to participate in this kind of initiatives?