Topic 2 International English is not enough for you! Be curious!


How many languages do you need?

Mother tongue

It is related to a person’s native language, that is, the language learned from birth. It is also called dominant language or home language.

Linguistic and communicative integration

Lingua Franca

A common language used by people of diverse backgrounds to communicate with each other. Traditionally, it is known as trade language or a bridge language.

Host language

A second language learned within a migratory context.

How can you learn and communicate in the host language?

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    You can enroll in a host language introductory course
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    You can learn on your own through online educational resources
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    You can use a translation app (e.g. Duolingo)

Host language courses

Look for introductory courses in the oficial language of your host country.

There are:

face-to-face courses and

Online resources for learning the host language

Apps you can use to translate

Free Language Translation Apps for Android and/or iOS


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