Topic 2 Information on permits and requirements for working in Italy

The Italian legal system provides for different types of residence permits. Most of the permits allow third-country nationals to work on Italian territory.

  • Pending employment
  • Family reasons
  • Subordinate work contract
  • Asylum
  • Subsidiary protection
  • For minors assistance
  • EU long-term residence permit
  • EU family member residence card
  • Seasonal work
  • Self-employment
  • For study, training or internship
  • EU Blue Card
  1. possession of an entry visa,
  2. regularity of entry, which is established by the Testo Unico Immigrazione
  3. submission of the application for a residence permit within eight working days of entry.
  • the request of the Nulla Osta by the employer and the obtaining of this document. The “Nulla Osta” is a declaration, issued by the Desk for Immigration (Sportello Unico Immigrazione), by which the Administration certifies that there are no obstacles to the entry and residence in Italy of non-EU citizens wishing to work as employees
  • stipulation of the contract of stay that includes the availability of accommodation for the worker and the commitment by the employer of the travel expenses for the worker’s return to his country of origin.

See Module 3 Unit 1 for the requirements to obtain a residence permit for self-employment

Who to apply for a work residence permit? Authorised post offices, Municipalities and authorized Patronati

What documents are required?

If the worker applies to the authorized post offices, he/she has to request the free yellow kit (Kit Giallo Gratuito) and fills it out following the instructions.

  • Passport or other identity documents still valid, which will be used to ascertain the identity;
  • Receipt of the payment of the postal order for the electronic residence permit application;
  • A4 photocopy of the identification document;
  • A4 photocopy of all the documents requested in the instructions of the free yellow kit.

The office gives to the worker the security codes to access the reserved area to check the processing status of the application, which has to be presented at the Questura to collect the residence permit. Moreover, he/she receives a letter containing the details about the appointment at the Questura where the subsequent investigation activities will be carried out.

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