Topic 2 How to find work in Martinique

Finding a job in Martinique is not always an easy task, especially for someone born outside of the island. 

The sectors that employ the most are: healthcare, tourism and the catering sector. The labor market is characterized by a high level of unemployment. The unemployment rate within the meaning of the ILO is 18% in 2022  (more than twice the metropolitan rate).

  1. Join local associations to create a network of local contacts, make local friends
  2. Create  a Linkedin profile –it is free and allows you to create a network. Linkedin has become almost mandatory for persons looking for a high skilled jobs.
  3. Improve your French language skills – both oral and writing
  4. Highlight the skills that set you apart from the locals : mastering other languages such as English or Spanish, international training or work experiece…
  5. Consider a professional retraining. It’s important to be flexible and consider new opportunities. You can for example  deepen one of your passions and make it your job
  6. Prepare your CV and cover letter so that they meet French expectations
  7. Consider becoming an entrepreneur – ultimately sometimes you need to create your own job. There are many financial aids that exists for those wishing to create their business in Martinique.

Where to look for work?