Topic 2 Further tips on networking with others

  • information exchange,
  • individuals,
  • groups,
  • institutions,
  • relationships,
  • employment or business.
  • What type of information are you looking for?
  • If you are looking for employment or business, is your career goal clearly defined?
  • What information can you offer in exchange?
  • Do you have a specific plan for networking?
  • What type of individuals/groups/institutions you are aiming to find?
  • How do you think they are going to support you?
  • What kind of relations do you aim to develop?
  • Can you take the effort and time for networking?


Honest answers will help you engage in successful networking

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The perfect recipe for networking does not exist – different contexts, cultures, diverse individuals require different approaches. However, you need to follow two essential steps:

  • Be part of (a) network(s)
  • Do networking

Be part of (a) network(s)

Do networking

Once you have identified interesting networking events, be ready to join and benefit of an enriching experience while applying the trips below.


  • Business card
  • Strong-short self presentation
  • And/or powerful resume


  • Invite a friend to join
  • Don’t avoid small-talks
  • Be clear, honest and also listen

Follow up

  • Reach out to your new contacts
  • Keep in touch
  • Attend new networking events

Time and effort

Redefined strategies, multiple attempts

Networking skills development, permanent connection

Professional networks, patience