Topic 2 Further tips on networking with others

Networking is all about the quality of the relationship and getting to know the potential contact.

So, what are the tips for networking?

  • Think strategically
  • Have a SMART goal
  • Do your homework
  • Allocate your time accordingly
  • Attend professional meetings and conferences
  • Build virtual networks

This means identifying people you already know and categorising them:

  • personal connections (because networking is by no means limited to the professional world)
  • work network (people who can help you do your job)
  • strategic network (people who can help you, especially when you are trying to establish yourself in a new industry or job market).

When you approach someone, think about your intentions. How are you going to connect with people in a meaningful way? But most importantly, what do you have to offer, what is your special power? Set yourself a goal as to why you are attending and what contacts you are looking for.

It will be easier for the other person to understand exactly how they can help. Networking based on reciprocity would make people more willing to connect.

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Find out as much as you can about the companies and people you will be interacting with. This means doing your homework and being prepared to spend time researching.

Allocate a certain time each day for networking and make sure you do it every week. You will find that the people who really put the effort into networking always reap the biggest rewards.

Groups, seminars and conferences are another effective way to widen your circle of contacts. Every year, Lithuania hosts a number of gatherings that bring together people from the same profession or interest in it. At such gatherings, professionals share their experience, industry news and much more. You can easily find out about such seminars from social media, the media, sp.ecialised portals or the press, as well as from colleagues.

Specialised contact fairs are one of the main sources of new and useful contacts. These fairs are attended by both young and experienced professionals in a wide range of fields, who are looking for potential new colleagues, business partners or simply for contacts that could be useful in the future. People come together to socialise, share experiences and find common interests, so it’s all about the social connection.

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Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Events, groups, recommendations from colleagues will help to find new contacts. Join different groups that share the same interests as yours: you can find them on Linkedin too. The increasing popularity of LinkedIn and other social networks can help you get noticed more than other candidates. We recommend to have a well-organised, attractive social media profile, which also increases the chances of being invited for a job interview.