Topic 2 Further Tips on Networking with Others

Your CV should be up to date and ready to be sent, along with your contact information.

Whenever you approach an individual or an entity, you should be aware of their expertise and what they are professionally engaged in, in order to focus on exploring this domain.

First impressions matter. For this reason, eye contact and a firm handshake are vital to impress others.

Always be willing to learn more through the cultivation of your relationships and your future networking contacts.

Asking for advice is an essential part of building concrete relationships that may be proved fruitful in the future.

Always be sure of yourself. This attitude will have a positive reflection and effect on the people you surround yourself with.

Keep trying to reach out to people. In the long-term, you will have succeeded in creating a solid network.

The ability of doing small talk or using the appropriate body language can have a great first impression during the networking process.

Keep up with the current trends within your field of work, as well as the fields of the people and organizations you are interested in networking with.

Advertise yourself through social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram), as well as through face-to-face meetings, using business cards.