Topic 2 Further tips on networking with others

Networking is important to anyone looking for a job – but especially for migrants having moved away from their home countries and so having to build their network from scratch in a foreign country!

Here are some tips:

Join local associations, professional or free-time, of activities you like. By volunteering and participating in their activities you can find interesting new contacts and even new friends as well as practice your language skills!

Attend networking events and other events in your professional field. Prepare to introduce yourself in an interesting and concise way, and try to get out of your comfort zone to meet people from all walks of life.

Networking is based on exchange : think how to valorise your expertise and experiences, but also think what you can offer to the other person. Why should they be interested in you? This is an opportunity to set you apart and be remembered for a potential partnership or job interview. Practicing self-promotion as it does not always come so naturally, especially to women.

Pay attention to your body language – keep an open and confident posture, be easy to approach. Body language is a big part of communication. Keep eye contact, show that you are actively listening and ask questions.

Build your presence on virtual networks

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Actively find new contacts especially on Linkedin. Join different groups that share the same interests as yours on Facebook and Linkedin. Take care of your image on social media – be attentive on what you share and post, and especially pay attention that what you Are posting is not hurtful to you or others. Avoid posting when you are feeling emotional, especially if you are sad or angry, as on the internet it is easier to be more cruel or too honest than when talking face-to-face with a person.

Always remember that everything you post on social media reflects on you and can impact your safety, future opportunities, personal and professional relationships.

It is recommended to have a well-organised, attractive social media profile, which also increases the chances of being invited for a job interview.