Topic 2 Digital Foundation Skills

Basic digital skills describe the ability to make use of different tools (computer, touchpad, smartphone, etc.), applications and programmes to retrieve, edit and/or produce content and so the competences to use technologies for work, leisure and communication with familiarity and critical thinking.

Digital foundation skills are basic IT skills everyone needs for life and work, such as:

  • Turn on a device;
  • Use the controls and hardware, including keyboard, mouse, and the touch screen;
  • Use accessibility options on a device (e.g. changing the screen brightness level, making the text and pictures bigger or smaller, etc.);
  • Using a device‚Äôs home screen, for example by finding the correct icon of the application or programme that you need;
  • Connecting to the internet via a Wi-Fi connection, including using a password;
  • Keeping your passwords and login details safe and secure, and understanding that you should never share them with anyone;
  • Opening an internet browser and using the browser to find and open a website