Topic 1 Steps & tips on how to set up a business in Spain / legal framework for starting up a business in Spain as a TCN

What is our business idea? In which sector do we want to start? Who can give us guidance? Is there a grant that can help me? What are the first steps to start my business?

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Tips to get started

  1. Let’s define our company/business idea.
  2. What is the situation of the sector (market study)?
  3. What resources do we have available (own resources, subsidies, etc.)?
  4. We create our marketing plan
  5. We decide the legal form of our business: self-employed, SME, cooperative, etc.

Step 1: Business plan

Step 2: Legal form of the company

Step 3: Commercial register or register of cooperative companies

Step 4: Create a bank account exclusively for our company

Step 5: Drawing up the articles of association

Step 6: Notary deed

Step 7: Registration with the tax authorities and provisional tax identification number (NIF)

Step 8: Registration of the company in the commercial register

Step 9: Application for the definitive NIF

Step 10: Defining the company’s tax obligations

  1. Registering with the tax authorities
  2. Register with the Social Security
  3. Will we have a business premises? Then we will have to request the license of opening before our City council.
  4. If we have a premises, we must communicate the opening of the work center (this is done at the Department of Employment).
  • Ayuntamiento de Quart de Poblet. Centro de Empleo y Desarrollo

Contact details: Carrer José María Coll, 8, 46930 Quart de Poblet Tel.: 961 84 92 53

  • Cámara de Comercio (Service for entrepreneurs)

Contact details: Carrer Poeta Querol 15 – 46002 València Tel.: 963 103 900

  • Labora GVA

Contact details: Tel.: 963 86 60 00


A new law for the creation of companies called “Crea y Crece” (Law 18/2022, of September 28) was approved in 2022.


Law 20/2007, of July 11, 2007, of the Statute of Self-Employment.