Topic 1 (social media) Groups, migrant communities and organisations in Portugal that support TCN women

A social network is made up of people and organizations, that are connected by various types of ties, including friendship, business dealings and other shared interests. Networking may be between you and an organization or between you and an other individual.

Why is it helpful for you ?

  • It helps you establish ties with organizations and individuals that will help you to integrate
  • Good networking may get you a place in the labour market
  • You adjust better and faster to the society
  • Reduce uncertainties and social risks
  • Extent interpersonal relationships
  • Emotional and social support
  • Better access to information

Photo from Renan: people sitting on bench at day photo – Free Portugal Image on UnsplashCalçada da Serra 181, 4430-148 Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, V

Web-based social networking technologies facilitate:

  • communication
  • teamwork
  • engagement
  • Interaction
  • information exchange

There are different social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.

Organisations in Portugal that support TCN women