Topic 1 (social media) Groups, migrant communities and organisations in Netherlands that support TCN women

Networking is an act or procedure of interacting with other people to share information and make social or professional connections. Making new friends, industry acquaintances, and even business partners are the goal of networking. You can quickly advance in your career with these new relationships. It becomes clear why networking is such a powerful tool when viewed in that way.

For TCN migrants, social networks have a significant impact on many aspects of their lives and serve as an important information resource. They grant access to data, such as information about employment opportunities and conditions in their host nation.

Migrants’ economic and social success in their destination countries is attributed in part to their involvement in social networking. Additionally, social networking aids in the effective application of their expertise and accelerates the integration process. It goes without saying that social networking is about more than just finding a job or a career. It also helps people find new social circles or companions, gives room to prove one’s own expertise or interests, and introduces them to the social and cultural norms of their host country.

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Migrant Social media communities and organizations

Migration integration is made easier thanks to the transformation of migrant networks by social media. As a social medium, the internet serves as a free source of information.

  • Migrants are less likely to migrate if they can’t stay in touch with loved ones through social media;
  • When it comes to organizing the migration and settlement process, social media can provide a means of communication with weak ties;
  • Through the use of social media, a new framework of hidden connections is built;
  • Unofficial insider information about migration can be found in abundance on social media. Migration networks and communities are being transformed by social media.

The speed and intensity of information and communication flows have increased dramatically in today’s network society, influencing our daily lives to an ever-increasing degree.

  • Due to the design of the internet as a social medium, social media has the potential to both strengthen currently existing weak ties and to forge new ones.
  • Social media give users the chance to rekindle relationships with key weak ties and build social capital.
  • Online media are essential for keeping in touch with members of geographically separated networks of family and friends.
  • Social media helps to bridge cultural gaps and creates new opportunities for cross-cultural exchange.
  • Making Friends Is Simpler With Social Media….
  • Social media encourages empathy.
  • Social media enables quick communication.
  • Social media Reduces the Size of the World.
  • Social Media Aids in Relationship Building
  • Social Media Hastens the Spread of News

The leading English-language media platform for internationals in the Netherlands, IamExpat Media provides current information, news, job listings, housing services, events, and lifestyle advice. In addition, the IamExpat Fair is held annually in Amsterdam and The Hague; a one-day international event intended to support and connect the Dutch international community. The link to the expat is 

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International communities and organisations in the Netherlands

The Netherlands’ policy objectives, such as the advancement of the international legal system, are supported by international organizations (IOs). The IOs can be reached through the Host Nation Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Ambassador for International Organizations (AMIO).

List of international organizations (IOs) with offices in the Netherlands at the moment:

International courts and tribunals: contact link

International Criminal Court (ICC):

Iran-United States Claims Tribunal (IUSCT):

Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Specialist Prosecutors Office:

Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA):

Residual Special Court for Sierra Leone (RSCSL):

Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL):

Other international organisations

International Organisation for Migration (IOM):

The Hague Conference on International Private Law (HCCH):

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Dutch groups that assist TCN women