Topic 1 (social media) Groups, migrant communities and organisations in Italy that support TCN women

the activity of meeting people who might be useful to know, especially in your job

Set up a strong network in the host country is really helpful for many reasons:

  • it makes the integration process easier
  • It can facilitate the job search
  • It helps to know better the culture and the society
  • It creates different kinds of relationships (friendship, labour, etc.)
  • It may boost self-confidence (also in professional life)
  • It can improve social well-being and consequently make the person feel more accepted in the host country

Social media has revolutionized networking moving contact online. They are good tools to increase:

  • Interactions
  • Communication
  • Social and professional contacts
  • The exchange of information

There are many social media platforms, and everyone has different purposes and consequently functions. The most common platforms in Italy are: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok and LinkedIn.

Facebook group that give useful information for foreigners in Italy:

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc:

Organisations in Italy that support TCN women