Topic 1 Presentation of best practice in Netherlands and discussion, main take aways, key elements to adopt, similar case studies in Netherlands

Overview of the best practice in the Netherlands

The initiative of counseling, care training, and placement of job internships with local employers is targeted at ensuring the women TCNs are well equipped and ready to access the job market.

The adoption of this initiative was borne out of the desire to easily integrate women into the labour market. We have found out during our encounter with most women TCNs that they are not yet ready for employment. Most of them were not prepared and for them to earn a job placement in the Dutch market, they have to upskill and restructure their mindsets. It is very clear to us during the counseling section that the group of women is very diverse, and as such, they need guidance to learn the Dutch culture. Therefore, the group activities were focused on group bonding so that the women can find support in each other. The information shared during these meetings consisted of general knowledge about job hunting, the job market, and relevant laws and regulations.

  1. Language barrier, childcare, unrealistic fast goals, and financing further education: Activities was orgnaized to ensure adequate training, counseling and motivation to the women TCNs.
  2. Inflexible in their time: Organizing time management training to match them with the Dutch time keeping culture.
  3. Collaboration with local organizations: Organizing job intenships as an easy means of getting to the local labour market.

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Preparing the minds of the women TCNs for career development

Preparing TCN women’s minds through career guidance. There will probably be a long list of inquiries for the career counselor from women. As they become ready to start a profession, specialized training in career services is a useful source of knowledge.

  • I’ve scheduled a meeting with a career counselor; what do I intend to gain from it?
  • Which kind of information most interests me?
  • Which areas of the job hunt do I most need help with?
  • Which service am I most anticipating?
  • I need a career counselor’s help for what reasons?
  • What career advice do I think the career counselor can offer me?
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Best tips to emulate:  Career preparedness and development

Organizing and preparing the women TCNs for career development, motivation, and development. This could be achieved from a list of available questions put up to the women and also the need to train them on structuring and updating CV and cover letters to match with the local labour market. We organized the career preparedness workshop to put the women up for career applications.

  • What strengths can I build upon?
  • What shortcomings should I work on?
  • How is the labor situation in my field right now?
  • Would you please comment on my cover letter and resume?
  • Can I differentiate myself from the competitors?
  • Can I use my time most efficiently when learning?
  • What resources exist where I can learn more about my desired career?
  • What is the most effective way for me to network now?
  • What should I do to get ready for a job interview?
  • Without any prior work experience, how can I stand out as a candidate?
  • Which of the resources do I have at my disposal for a career?
  • Till we meet again, what should I concentrate on?
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