Topic 1 Introduction to the labour market of Cyprus, employment contracts and rights

Different types of Work Contracts

As an employee, you are on a fixed-term contract if your contract ends:

  • On a specified date
  • When you complete an agreed task

You are considered a fixed-term employee if you are:

  • A casual or seasonal employee hired for up to 6 months during busy periods
  • Someone who has been recruited for a particular project
  • A person who provides maternity cover

As a fixed-term worker you are allowed the following same conditions as a permanent employee:

  • Pay
  • Conditions
  • Benefits package
  • Protection against dismissal or redundancy (however you are in breach of contract if you terminate the work arrangement before the specified date and there is nothing in the fixed-term contract about ending the work prematurely.

You are a freelancer and consultant if:

  • You are in business for yourself or as part of another company
  • Bid or quote for work that you offer
  • Choose how and when to work
  • Sort out your tax and N.I payments
  • You do not have the same rights as workers (e.g., minimum wage)

As a freelancer you have certain duties. These are:

  • A contract that details their rights and responsibilities.
  • Health and safety protection on your premises.
  • Protection against discrimination (in some instances).

Your work is on a zero hour contract if:

  • You are on call to work at whatever time
  • You are not obligated to give minimum hours
  • You don’t have to accept the work that you are offered

As a worker on a zero hour contract you can:

  • Look for work
  • Take an additional work elsewhere

The importance of work contracts

  • A work contract benefits both the employee and the employer
  • It clearly defines the rights and obligations of each party
  • It protects the job security of the employee

The Cypriot employment contract

The Law is very clear about the obligation of the employer to bring to the employee’s attention detailed information about the employment contract within one month from the commencement of the collaboration. The information can be delivered by employment contract or by letter of appointment.

Your rights as an asylum seeker in Cyprus

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