Topic 1 Groups, migrant communities and organisations in Martinique that support TCN women


The Red Cross has a specific service dedicated to foreigners who wish to regularize their situation. SPADA is the service dedicated to asylum requests which can help you to complete your OFPRA application.


Avenue Jacques Roumain, Dillon

97200 Fort-de-France

Tel: 0596 72 19 17

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri  8h am until the afternoon


54 Rue Petit Versailles

97250 Saint-Pierre

Tel: 0596 97 08 24

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri from 8h am until the afternoon

Asodoma – association dominicaine et martiniquaise

Terres-Sainville. Tél: 06 96 00 31 25

Femmes latino-américaines en Martinique, 06 96 27 42 91

M Joseph Elio, 0696 07 70 35, Tiers-Lieu de Terres-Sainville, permanence on Saturdays 10h-13h

(Association de défense des droits des étrangers caribéens en Martinique)

This association of lawyers helps foreign Caribbean and other nationals residing in Martinique to defend their rights. If you face expulsion or have legal problems, don’t hesitate to contact them!

06 96 43 39 84