Topic 1 Cultural dimensions of Italy’s workplace

The labour market of Italy has significant differences between the regions. In fact, in the north the work activity is mostly related to industry, instead, in the south, most of the workers are employed in the agricultural sector or tourism.

Data from the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT) claims that 23,2 million people are currently working in the Italian labour market. Moreover, in 2020, the employment rate of third country nationals working within the Italian territory was lower than that of Italian citizens (61,4% compared to 62,9%). 

In the Italian labour market, migrants suffer greater disadvantages than Italian workers. First of all the language is a barrier, almost all employers required even a basic knowledge of Italian (especially for jobs that involve a close relationship with other individuals). Moreover, third country nationals usually face some social issues: discrimination and prejudices.   

TCN in the workplace Issues & Barriers

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Open reflection

Have you every faced (directly or indirectly) any issue or barrier in your workplace? If yes, which kind of barrier? How did you (or others) overcome the issue?

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