Module 4: Legal framework of employment in Portugal

Last updated: February 15, 2023

Learning Objectives

The Learning objectives of Module 4 – Legal Framework of Labour in Portugal are as follows:

  • To know the basic principles on which the national labour market stands;
  • To know the overall of the general national legal framework concerning labour, namely the legal framework for labour contracts;
  • To get acquainted with the main terminology used in labour contracts and in the labour market;
  • To know the requirements with which to comply in order to work in Portugal;
  • To know the main actors/players/stakeholders within the fiscal system;
  • To know the risks associated to performance of a labour contract, as well as the means to avoid and/or overcome them;
  • The learner will develop a better understanding of the basic legal rules regarding employment in Portugal;
  • Become aware about the portuguese labour market scenario
  • Familiarize TCN women with all the basic rights of workers in Portugal
  • Increase awareness on the main obligations of the employers
  • To be aware of the different types of contracts that bind employers and employees
  • Familiarize TCN women with entities that they can reach out to while dealing with labour any questions or problems in their employment
  • Increase awareness about the organizations which may help in finding a job
  • Acknowledge the necessary steps and formalities needed while looking for a job
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