Module 1: Key skills in entrepreneurship & employment

Last updated: May 11, 2023

Learning Objectives

  1. Promote the awareness about the seven dimensions of Communicative Competence;
  2. Motivate TCN Women to acknowledge the importance of using not only International English but also host language;
  3. Train reading, writing, listening and speaking skills applied to labour contexts;
  4. Discuss and analyse intercultural contexts developping observing and empathising skills.
  5. Develop a deep understanding about the meaning of key terms in soft skills
  6. Provide a wide range of skills applicable in all kinds of jobs
  7. Understand the needed steps to develop a confident attitude in everyday challenges
  8. Develop effective communication skills
  9. Mastering inter-personal skills
  10. Learn more about the use of digital devices, different applications and social media as well as networks to access and manage information.
  11. Give an overview to internet safety