Ukrainian Women Empowering Refugee Integration in Lithuania

Description: In response to the influx of Ukrainian refugees in Lithuania, the Employment Service successfully integrated Ukrainian women who had fled the war into its team. Facing a language barrier, these women play a crucial role in communicating with fellow Ukrainian refugees, offering essential information on living and working conditions in Lithuania. They assist in the registration process, provide job offers, and share personal experiences, fostering trust among refugees. This initiative has significantly improved communication, leading to a smoother integration of Ukrainian refugees into the Lithuanian labor market.
Country: Lithuania


Category/Topic: Other
Other: Employment
Target Audience: Ukrainian refugees
Objectives: Employ Ukrainian refugees in the Employment Service to assist their compatriots, ensuring effective communication in their native language and facilitating successful integration.
Context/Background: When Lithuania faced an influx of refugees from Ukraine, the employment service was faced with a heavy workload, not all of the local staff were fluent in Russian or Ukrainian, so Ukrainian refugees were recruited to assist other Ukrainian refugees in a language they understood.
Key Features/Activities: Ukrainian women communicate with their compatriots, inform them about living and working conditions in Lithuania, and call the newly registered clients and make job offers. Explain how to fill in the forms and what jobs and conditions to expect in Lithuania. They also share their own experiences because they feel their trust.
Outcomes/Results: This initiative has contributed to a smoother transfer of information and to successful integration of Ukrainian refugees into labor market in Lithuania. Communication with Ukrainian refugees became smoother, they could trust Ukrainian women who are working in Employment Service, they could give support on various issues that refugees face in new county.
Impact: Enhanced communication, trust, and successful integration of Ukrainian refugees into the Lithuanian labor market. A survey indicates a satisfaction rate of 89.1% among Ukrainians using Employment Service, marking a 3.4% increase from the previous year.
Challenges Faced: Overcoming language barriers, workload at the Employment Service and ensuring effective communication were initial challenges. However, recruiting Ukrainian women addressed this issue, resulting in improved services and satisfaction.
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