The Directorate of Social and Medical Assistance (DASM) – Cluj-Napoca

Description: The Directorate of Social and Medical Assistance (DASM), organized under the Local Council of the Cluj-Napoca Municipality, is the main local public provider of social and medical services and was established in 2008. Its mission is to identify and solve problems of the nature social from the level of the local community in the field of child protection, family, elderly people, disabled people, as well as other people or groups of people in social need.
Country: Romania


Category/Topic: Health and Well-being, Community Development, Human Rights and Advocacy
Target Audience: – Persons with serious or accentuated disabilities, not-institutionalized – Pensioners, invalids, veterans, war widows, deportees, and orphans, whose net monthly income for a single person is up to 2053 lei and up to 1386 lei/family member – Unemployed registered persons – Beneficiaries of social or allowance for family support – Victims of human trafficking – Victims of domestic violence – Employees as personal assistants
Objectives: – Human resources service – Social protection – Assistance for people with disabilities – Child and family protection – Project management and community development – Elderly assistance
Context/Background: DASM, through its specialized services, aims to prevent situations that could lead to social marginalization, support people in need, increase the quality of life and promote the social inclusion of vulnerable people and groups, by offering primary social services both at the individual and family level as well as community and by accessing appropriate funding sources.
Key Features/Activities: – It provides information to those interested in preparing employment files as personal assistants persons with severe disabilities, in order to employ them, it follows the performance of social surveys by the Assistance Service for Persons with Special Needs. – Identifies the situation and monitors the cases of domestic violence, plans the intervention, and provides primary services, as appropriate; – Supports victims of domestic violence, including through health recovery and social reintegration programs; – In the field of child and family protection, it provides informational advice; administrative advice; psychological counseling; family counseling; mediating relationships between parents, between parents and children mediating the relationship between the client and public institutions and accredited private bodies – Identifying the needs of a social nature at the level of Cluj-Napoca municipality and at the same time, to find solutions that meet these needs, mainly by attracting non-reimbursable funds, thus contributing to local social development durable and sustainable – Collaborate with the other departments that offer social assistance services within the Social and Medical Assistance Directorate, with the specialized services within the Cluj-Napoca City Hall as well as with state institutions, non-governmental organizations, volunteers, in the interest of to people with special needs who are the object of the protection of this service.
Impact: – Develop and diversify the services in the social field at the level of Cluj-Napoca municipality so that they respond as adequately as possible to the existing social needs – Contribute to the improvement of the quality of social services offered at the level of Cluj-Napoca municipality – Ensure the initiation and maintenance of good collaborative relationships and partnerships with relevant public and private entities, at the local, national, and international levels in order to develop and implement projects of local interest in the social field
Contact Information: DIRECTORATE OF SOCIAL AND MEDICAL ASSISTANCE Phone: +40 0264-599316 Email: