PLAYEM: Play & Employment

Description: PLAYEM is a project, which has as its main aim to strengthen the employability of young junior migrant minorities refugees (JMMRs) using information and communication technologies (ICT). The Project developed an effective, innovative, and appealing intervention in order to achieve it main goal; To enhance the skills young migrants, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees to access jobs and the labour market in effective and efficient ways.
Country: Cyprus


Category/Topic: Education, Other
Other: Youth
Target Audience: Young migrants, minorities, refugees and asylum seekers, Youth Professionals working to promote the employability of JMMR 18-30 years old
Objectives: The project aims to develop an effective, innovative, and appealing intervention in order to achieve its main goal to enhance young migrants, newcomers, asylum seekers and refugees job access.
Key Features/Activities: – Development of the PLAYEM Zone for young migrants and professionals: Young migrants: – Employment area: identification and coalition of national and European websites disseminating job offers and key information regarding the labour market for each country, through based research. – Training area: Development of interactive materials including; Theoretical information gathered through desk based research, video development, online activities and quizzes – Experience area: An online forum for the purposes of an online community. – Face to face sessions and interviews with the main target group of the project. Professionals: – Good practices: Development of theoretical information using desk-based research -Recommendation guide: Development of theoretical information using desk-based research -Dissemination activities; in raising awareness, promoting project’s impact, increasing visibility and outreach of the PLAYEM project at local, regional, national and EU levels, increasing impact and outreach to a wider audience in each country.
Outcomes/Results: PR1: PLAYEM PLATFORM FOR LEARNING, TRAINING AND PARTICIPATION The PLAYEM Platform for Learning, Training and Participation is our webpage creation. This space will help Junior Migrant Minorities Refugees in their process to achieve employability by: – Improving their transversal competencies through training and participation. – Increasing their employability through a Training and Learning Area focused on gaining entry to the labour market. – Encouraging their interaction, the exchange of successful work experiences, and job market advice. – Regionally disseminating job and volunteer opportunities from businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. – Increasing young professionals’ knowledge of ICT approaches, techniques, activities, and creative initiatives. PR2: PLAYEM INNOVATIVE MODEL FOR SOCIAL AND LABOUR INCLUSION: INNOVATIVE TOOLS FOR YOUNG MIGRANTS, MINORITIES AND REFUGEES PLAYEM Interactive Model is a module where you will be able to improve the following skills and competences: – Assertive communication – Active listening – Conflict Resolution – Entrepreneurship – Emotional Education PR3: PLAYEM GAMIFIED EXPERIENCE FOR OCCUPATIONAL SKILLS AND COMPETENCES The PLAYEM Gamified Experience is a gamified audiovisual training resource that will allow Junior Migrant Minorities Refugees to receive online training to improve their skills and competencies related to job acquisition and maintenance.
Impact: Through innovative interventions, the project impacts on: – the develop a diverse set of employability skills, – the increases job access through digital platforms -the promotion of cultural integration, empowerment of participants and fostering community building – the contribution to a more diverse workforce. Ultimately, the impact of the PLAYEM project, extends beyond individual job placement- potentially influencing policy and contributing to the long-term economic stability of both migrants and host communities.
Contact Information: Name: Paschalia Leventi Position: Project Manager Email address: Organisation: Center for Social Innovation [CSI]
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