Description: Momentum is a European AMIF project implemented by eleven partners. In Greece it is implemented by ActionAid Hellas and it aims to bring together public authorities, Civil Society Organisations, research and training institutions. The Momentum Cross-Sectoral cooperation focuses on the cooperation of various public and civil society organizations that cooperate to assist the access of women third – country nationals to the labor market and social business. All bodies (Ministries, public authorities, municipalities, international organizations and civil society organizations meet once per month and discuss issues regarding the access of women TCNs into the Greek labour market. In this way a partnership is created among the members where they can exchange information about issues related to entrepreneurship and the employment of migrant and refugee women.
Country: Greece


Category/Topic: Community Development, Entrepreneurship and Business, Human Rights and Advocacy, Other
Other: Employment
Target Audience: Social Economy Companies. Public Employment Agencies. Vocational Training Institutions. Representatives of Civil Society Organizations.
Impact: A new communication channel is being created, with the aim of providing frequent updates on social entrepreneurship issues of TCN women, projects and actions as well as new legislation and adaptations on specific fields.