Description: Modena Include (MOD-In) is a support network, composed of institutions, the business world, social cooperation, to accompany the immigrant population hosted in reception systems, towards socio-work inclusion in Modenese companies.
Country: Italy


Category/Topic: Community Development, Entrepreneurship and Business, Human Rights and Advocacy
Target Audience: Local authorities, Police Headquarters, Migrants, Active Labour Policy Services (Job Centre), Trade Associations and Employers’ Associations (labour unions, craft, industry and agriculture associations), Third Sector, Housing Authorities, and Training Bodies.
Objectives: Accompanying the foreign population coming out of reception systems towards paths of autonomy and socio-occupational inclusion.
Context/Background: The commitment of this stable and structured network guarantees accompaniment, training and support, also by streamlining the administrative and bureaucratic procedures necessary for the labour inclusion of applicants and holders of international protection. Companies participating in the project hire staff and at the same time contribute to the labour integration of young foreigners seeking or receiving international protection
Key Features/Activities: Regular workers received in the Modenese territory, known and followed by social workers from the reception system Streamlining of administrative paperwork through a support team Motivated people to invest in Availability of linguistic mediators and accompanying figures during the process An organised network of organisations and services, coordinated by the Prefecture and Municipality of Modena
Outcomes/Results: Accompanying the foreign population coming out of reception systems towards paths of autonomy and socio-occupational inclusion Building a network of institutional actors involved in services for asylum seekers and holders of international protection Activation of 10 pilot placements in local companies with a heterogeneous sample of candidates Drawing up protocols shared by the territorial network to foster the job placement of foreigners by aiming to overcome bureaucratic or cultural obstacles
Impact: The pilot placements made it possible to test the operational model of social and labour insertion developed by the permanent work table coordinated by the Prefecture and the Municipality of Modena, in which public and private actors meet. The operating table also cross-references the demands and needs of companies and the profiles of the people in reception, seeking precisely to enhance existing employment opportunities, define training needs and fluidify bureaucratic steps. The Table is now preparing the shared Protocol that describes and defines strategic actions and interventions to facilitate the pathways to social and labour inclusion. The strategies identified aim to improve current practices and the quality of work, to introduce innovative tools and to strengthen services also through training. In fact, Mod-In also envisages a training course aimed at public and private operators that focuses, in particular, on issues related to: specific needs of migrant users both at the psycho-social and legal levels, the legal-administrative situation, channels for combating labour exploitation and channels for access to the world of work with the mapping of territorial projects and services.
Contact Information: Comune di Modena Cecilia Roveri Tel. 3801882970