Mama Manu Restaurant

Description: Mama Manu is one of the most famous and beloved restaurants in the city of Cluj-Napoca. It was established by a Syrian family in 2005 and they have now grown to an impressive 13 restaurants in Cluj. The restaurant now is considered one of the most common best practices that illustrate the value of hiring international citizens, regardless of their backgrounds or language difficulties. In addition, it provides flexible programs for students, mothers, handicapped, and other specific groups.
Country: Romania


Category/Topic: Entrepreneurship and Business
Target Audience: The restaurant is giving priority to hire: – International women and men – Students – Mothers – Handicapped – Persons with language difficulties – Refugees and holders of international protection
Objectives: – Improve the inclusiveness of international citizens in the society – Language learning – Foster social, economic, and cultural inclusion – Maximize the value of hiring international citizens in the local economy of Cluj-Napoca – Diverse and inclusive workplaces
Context/Background: Including international citizens in societies is the most effective way of helping them to build their lives in a new country. Inclusion can take many forms: having the same rights as citizens, forging ties and friendships, being able to apply for local jobs or go to local schools, and having access to different services like housing or healthcare. Social inclusion allows people to fully participate in their community and fosters peaceful societies. However, social inclusion can be a challenge in societies that reject groups that come from a different culture, religion or ethnicity than theirs. As a result, internationals face obstacles that hinder their participation in the social, economic, and political life of the host communities where they live. Hence, it’s the duty of the local community and economy to offer the best opportunities for them.
Key Features/Activities: – Provide specific schedules for certain employees to suit their daily life, such as: students, mothers and others. – Hiring international citizens who do not speak the local language to improve their linguistic skills and offering them mentors who can be as translators during the training program. – Assist the internationals in issuing the work permit in case they need it to be employed and help them in the issuance of the residency permit. – Allocating the employees according to their home address – Providing work permit to attract workers from outside Romania
Outcomes/Results: – More than 100 employees at the Mama Manu restaurant are international citizens, who were trained and gained professional and linguistic skills to be active in the Romanian society
Impact: Magnification of the value of hiring international citizens in the Romanian labour market and emphasizing the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace
Contact Information: Name: Eman Orfaly Phone: +40 746809973 Email: