Intercommunity Development Association Cluj Metropolitan Area (ADIZMC)

Description: The Cluj Metropolitan Area is constituted as an inter-community development association, which includes the following territorial administrative units: the municipality of Cluj-Napoca and the communes of Aiton, Apahida, Baciu, Bonțida, Borșa, Căianu, Chinteni, Ciurila, Cojocna, Feleacu, Florești, Gilău , Gârbău, Jucu, Petreștii de Jos, Săvădisla, Sânpaul, Tureni and Vultureni. Cluj County Council is also a founding member of the organization, aiming at urban development and modernization of the Cluj Metropolitan Area, increased mobility and sustainable development, Increasing the economic competitiveness of the Cluj Metropolitan Area, as a whole, and of each administrative unit, separately, and The development of specific social services in order to increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of the Cluj Metropolitan Area.
Country: Romania


Category/Topic: Education, Community Development, Entrepreneurship and Business, Other
Other: Quality of life and well-being
Target Audience: – Entrepreneurs – Professionals – Young people – Roma population – Disabled people, and other disadvantaged groups
Objectives: – Increasing knowledge-based economic competitiveness, to drive the economic development of the Cluj Metropolitan Area, oriented around major needs and challenges, to which to provide innovative solutions, potentiated by clusters. – Protecting and improving the quality of the environment – Developing human resources, increasing employment and combating social exclusion – Developing the rural economy and increasing productivity in the agricultural sector – The balanced participation of all municipalities in the Cluj metropolitan area in the socio-economic development process
Context/Background: The promotion of social inclusion is a problem of regional importance for the Cluj Metropolitan Area, as there are significant differences in access to medical and social services, to education, on the labor market, between men and women, for the rural environment, compared to the urban, for the Roma population , for disabled people, for other disadvantaged groups.
Impact: The Cluj Metropolitan Area became a magnetic pole for research, development, innovation and information technology services, the appropriate environment for entrepreneurs, professionals, and young people. The place where you develop, succeed and raise your children.
Contact Information: Name of the organization: Intercommunity Development Association, Cluj Metropolitan Area (ADIZMC) Phone: +40 0364 401 479 Email:
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