Description: IdentitArt is an Erasmus Plus project which aims to promote the inclusion of young migrants ages 18-30, through the arts.
Country: Cyprus
Category/Topic: Human Rights and Advocacy
Target Audience: Young migrants aged 18-30
Objectives: General Objective: The main objective of the project is the social inclusion and participation of migrant youth through artistic activities and work on their identity and sense of belonging. Specific Objectives: In order to address this general objective, we have developed different specific objectives related to the project activities: ● Support the integration process of young migrants in their host society through appropriate youth intervention techniques. ● To favor the training and preparation of professionals who work with young people in alternative methodologies and artistic techniques for intervention. ● Promote different types of art as a way of getting to know and expressing oneself. ● To encourage social participation through artistic skills. ● To make visible the variety of cultures and identities of young people living in Europe and their contribution to the European youth culture.
Context/Background: Due to increased migration in Europe in recent years, social integration has become a key factor in our societies in order to preserve human rights, values and freedoms and to create a cohesive european society. Social integration starts with learning a language or achieving a job but also through the sense of belonging, the maintenance of an active role in society and developing and growing personal contacts in cultural events. For youth coming from other cultures, expressing themselves can be difficult. Being conscious about the importance of developing a positive social identity, the project pursues to empower migrant youth but also to increase the visibility of population’s diversity. Thanks to our previous experience working with the migrant community, we believe that the best way to work on identity in young people is through them using alternative tools such as artistic and cultural activities, which favor the motivation and participation of young people in society. Through art, we pretend to give them tools in order to make them think about their identity and self concept but also learn how to express themselves in a positive and adaptive way.
Key Features/Activities: The tangible results will be: ● A manual for youth workers which brings together tools for working on identity and empowerment through art. ● A campaign of sensibilization developed by the youth through art. The intangible to achieve will be: ● Professionals trained in innovative and quality techniques to work on the inclusion and participation with youngsters through art. ● Professionals with tools and resources to work with young migrants through art. ● Young migrants improve their social integration, communicative abilities and sense of belonging. ● Young migrants have tools for expression, visibility and participation in society. ● Sensitized population about cultural diversity in the EU and the added value of the young migrants for the society. ● Constructive dialogue and links created between young migrants and professionals from different countries and backgrounds in the fields of education and youth, thus fostering different approaches and views on social inclusion and youth education and youth fields.
Impact: The activities of the project are expected on one hand to ease the inclusion of young migrants into there host societies and on the other hand to raise the awarness of the general public as to challenges, the stengths and the story behind the young migrants in their community, fostering in that way acceptance and inclusivity.